About Us

Kurow Wools Ltd

Kurow Wools is a family owned and operated business established in 1989 by Don and Olivia Urquhart. Prior to starting Kurow Wools they were long term merino wool producers. Don is also a registered Merino Wool Classer with many years of experience.

Don Urquhart - Principal
Joseph Collins - Buyer & Logistics Manager
Bill Jamison - Buyer
Bill Sheppard - Store & Pick-ups
Olivia Urquhart - Director & Office
Robertina Collins - Office

Operating for 26 years.

Two Lyco Wool Presses for Hire

Take a look at our efficient and friendly staff:

  • Billy Jamison - 43 years of experience in wool buying
  • Joe Collins - Buyer & Logistics Manager
  • Olivia Urquhart - Data entry & recording
  • Robertina Collins - Office